Md. Abul Hashem

Chairman & Managing Director

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Almighty Allah and to our esteemed consumers, associates, skilled officials, professional staffs and well-wishers for the continuous support that has paved the path of success for this organization. We, Sajeeb Group, have been serving the nation successfully for more than three decades with a wide array of high quality products through our sister concerns. Our business functionalities touch almost every aspect of daily life. We have stretched our business into food, agro processing, real estate, garments, finance, electronic media and telecommunication industries to better serve the growing needs of the people of our country. Sajeeb Group has a tradition of maintaining moral values, integrity and purity since the inception of the business.

We put our utmost priority on ensuring customer satisfaction that has earned us a distinctive market position in the country. Our concern Hashem Foods Limited and Sajeeb Foods and Beverage Limited have become very popular, trusted brand name in Bangladesh as well as in foreign markets with their high quality processed food products. We are currently launching expansion of our products exporting into the areas of Asia, Africa, Far Eastern countries and in the European countries. We are also getting sanguinary pleasant response in the new ventures. Our strategy is promoting diversity while not compromising with the highest level of quality.

Diversity of all kinds to entertain the customers with is a clear objective that the company has put forward. We envisage spreading our high quality products to every corner of the world which will enhance the image of our country among the consumers in the global market.