Sajeeb Group has started to export the products on 2010.Bhutan was the first country to export.Sajeeb Group is now exporting the products in Middle East(Gulf region),Ocenia (Australia), USA, SAARC (Nepal,Bhutan,India),Asia Pacific(Malaysia, Singapore),and most of the African countries and continuously searching for opportunities to discover the potential markets for high quality products from Bangladesh.

Contact Person

GM Export
Contact No: +880
Email: export@sajeebgroup.com

Overseas Offices


Rajesh Majumder, Manager +8801713 058816, Email: export53@sajeebgroup.com

North & South India

Md Monirul Islam, AGM
+91 9875345758+91 9073520091
Email : export16@sajeebgroup.com

North East India

Md Jahidul Islam, AGM
Mail id: export@sajeebgroup.com

West Bengal

Uttam Kumar Sarker, Manager
Email: export@sajeebgroup.com